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Title:Native Expeditions Peru
Date of publishing:January 30, 2015
Category:Other content
Also available in the following languages:Dutch, Spanish

Native Expeditions Peru

Our experience ensures a comfortable and safe trip developed with highly experienced and specialized guides who have been selected for their deep knowledge of the cultural and natural aspects of PERU and South America.

We are a destination management company, combining the services of an excellent ground operator with a travel agent. We live in Peru and for many years we have been in the business of planning, organizing, escorting, and guiding trips throughout Peru and South America with an emphasis on the Andean areas, for individuals, couples, families, groups and corporations.

Our services include: planning your dream trip, customizing every part of the journey, choosing the right hotels and restaurants, and matching your interests with the expertise of our guides. We also arrange all forms of transportation whether it is a private plane or a llama to carry you or your gear.

We are proud of our personal relationship with our travelers and our expertise in making dreams come true.